VM VirtualBox && OS Elementary

VM VirtualBox  && OS Elementary @mattbenh

I grew up using Windows, and still use Windows 7 Pro.

In college I used Ubuntu, and am running a home web server off of 12.04.1 LTS.

At work I use a Mac, which I love, it gives me a nice GUI like in Windows while giving me lots of control like in Ubuntu since this OS is built from Unix.

A friend and I where talking about the different Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and he told me about a new version of Linux named Elementary which is based off Ubuntu 11.04 which is still using GNOME and not Unity. What makes Elementary ”cool” is that it is built more like the Mac OS.

I wanted to play with the Elementary OS, but I didn’t have a spare machine to install it on. I was discussing this problem with another friend of mine, who told me about Oracle VM VirtualBox. Which is a free alternative to VMWare. VirtualBox has thus far worked very well for me.

I downloaded the 64-bit version of Elementary and VirtualBox. I ran in to some hiccups when I tried to start up a VM and install the Elementry OS 64-bit version. The error the VM was giving me was

"This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU"

I googled around and found this blog, I went through the steps but my machines bios where set up correctly for virtualization. After reading around the Elementary website, I found that their 64-bit OS was for AMD chips (I have a Intel chip). So I downloaded the 32-bit version which was more general (chip dependent).

Now that I had the right OS for my machine I was able to spin up a VM and install this new Elementary OS! Below are some screen shots of the OS installation on the VM which is running on my Windows machine.

 Region Selection (above)

User Setup (above)

Finishing Full Install (above)

VirtualBox window next to the VM window (installing the Elementary OS) (above)

Elementary all installed showing the “About” window (above)

Elementary running in VirtualBox Running on Windows! (above)

I was able to get bash-completion, git, and mosh installed on Elementary and was able to mosh in to my Ubuntu machine. (above)

I like how easy VirtualBox is for spinning up new virtual machines, I have started a folder where I keep the .iso of the different distributions  This will be great for testing applications and so forth being able to test on many platforms locally.

The Elementary OS is best described by @cknadler

"It’s ubuntu -[minus] the bullshit +[plus] everything good about the last two versions of OSX" 

Ubuntu has become a little bloated with additional packages recently and when I’m using it i’m mostly in a terminal (not quite ready to give up a GUI for server edition…) and thus far the Elementary OS has been simple, clean, and solid.

Setting up VirtualBox didn’t just allow me to play with Elementary but I have added two skills to my knowledge set.

Thank you to @jbttn for your insight on Oracle VM VirtualBox, and to @cknadler for our Monday night talks and the 411 on the Elementary operating system.

I also want to give a special thanks to @kalivos for always answering all of my Linux, Networking, and Security Questions.

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